So I’ve got the Fitbit Flex.

It works, I’m Happy and it tracks my sleep.

But the WAY you have to do it seems well… stupid…

Beat on the wrist band to make it start.

Beat on it some more to make it stop.

Then sync in the morning.

So I figured if I forgot to do this routine, it would suck.  It would suck because I wouldn’t have anything tracking my sleep disturbances (or lack of).

But it turns out, the Fitbit DOES track my sleep.   All the “Beat on the wrist  thingy” does is put a “Sean is about to go to sleep” and “Sean got his rear end out of bed” as markers for the sync to the web site.

I found out however if I input the data MANUALLY within a 7 day or so period, the sleep data was in there.

So here’s an example of where I didn’t tap the wrist…. Sad face


But if I log it in manually like so


I see that all of the data is actually there….


Now what I can do if I want to get granular is mouse over the beginning of the big blotchy pinky purple thing at the end….


I can find my ACTUAL awake time…. and by clicking on the square in the upper right hand side… I can edit the data



Once I click on Update it will reflect the activity as is I remembered to “tapped to start / tapped to stop”


It’s not anything amazing, but I found it was good to know that if I forgot to “track my sleep” Fitbit still tracked the information I needed.   I just needed to edit the post first.

Just a little something to share with other Fitbit others.  This was on the Flex but I see no reason the other versions that track your sleep shouldn’t work the same way…

the Energized Tech

(and yes, Contrary to popular belief… I DO actually SLEEP!) Winking smile