A little parody tune got plugged into my head by our good friend Ed “Hey Scripting Guy!” Wilson after he was listening to some cool tunes.

So I present to you (My apologies on your ears) “We’re Scripting Away” a parody of “The Turning Away” by “Pink Floyd”

For those of you unfortunate to have heard my EARLIER version, I’ve redone it a bit.

Download Audio Version here

Oh we’re Scripting away
As Our thoughts turn into pattern
and the code flows out from the tips of our hands
Don’t accept you can’t automate
All the Clicks that you seem to hate
Come with us and we join as one

We’re scripting away

See your thoughts
In the Console encoding
And the logic it flows as it breathes into life
.NET Creatures of the pipeline
Coming here just to save us time
A few cmdlets and we’re feeling fine

We’re scripting away

Through the depth of the night
As the workflow are running
and the systems they run
While we silently snore
All is running unsupervised
As our bosses are mesmerized
The power unleashed from within our eyes

As we’ve Scripted away

No more wasting away
of our time within the living
For we automate all and we see it all work
We’re not trapped within a GUI Hell
Shout with joy and go ring a Bell
We’re all powered with PowerShell

And We’re Scripting away


Download Audio Version here