It becomes a time we all must choose and embrace change and evolve to our next level.

For just over 4 years I have happily working for McKesson Canada.  This has been four of the most challenging years of my career.  It has been a time of my most complex deployment.  A time where I truly learned what it means to be in the Enterprise.  A team where I watched a division that was a small business evolve and change themselves and adapting themselves.

For myself it is a similar time.  I was the “Friday Funny Guy” to so many people when I joined my current job.  A rogue that even Microsoft themselves were uncertain what my potential was, or moreover if I could be anything near professional.

I DID after roast all of Microsoft Canada and even send over 8000 resumes directly off their career site. ( oops and sorry! )

There was of course the singing.

As a result of this I discovered the courage to be myself, try new things.  I became less afraid to engage and talk to people.

I met my fears and the became my strength.  I met strangers who became buddies.  I met my heroes and they became my friends. In some cases a crossover of both.

 On January 2013 I join a true Black Belt Partner and begin to learn how to truly kick fanny posterior as an It Pro with Cistel Technologies in Ottawa.  I have met some of the most inspirational people ever, and I get to join them to help change a COUNTRY for the better.

I have never been more excited in my life in the state of my career.  I get to learn more, engage more and ………..MORE POWERSHELL!


There are so many to thank for this happening.  I don’t want to skip names but this goes out to EVERY DPE in MICROSOFT USA, UK and CANADA from 2005-present!  To all the members of the Powershell Team at Microsoft.  My managers and co workers at McKesson.  (Hey Kevin, Bill, David, Cameron, Shiraz, Zibby, Florin, Scott, Stewart and Ken “There is only Zule”, you are NOT ever forgotten), the entire App dev team (Chris, Wesley and Rebecca… I went Rogue and Cordell, I feel your pain!) and from Microsoft The MVP’s and Springboard

I have some names I’ll drop and you’ll know who you are.  Rodney, Rick and RICK (you took that first and biggest chance on me with Around the Clock I.T. Solutions Inc. in Toronto), Damir, Ruth, Christian, Mitch, Adam, Paul, John and John, Mark, Phil, Joey and Joey, my best friends Ed (HEY SCRIPTING GUY!) and Theresa  AND There’s AND all of those on Twitter and Facebook who have ever engaged me.  Especially the many Influencers.  After posting “Confessions of a Computer Geek” on you made me understand I was not alone.

A big bow to my family, Patrick, Sarah and Anna for backing me,  a bigger bow to the love of my life Rosanna for putting up with me (yes, the singing too)

My Uncle Pat and Aunt Maureen, letting me work on that Exidy Sorceror opened up a world of wonder.

My parents and family for the broken radios, the wires, the mess, the hospital runs, the mess… Weeelllll everything šŸ˜Š

YOU encouraged me.

YOU helped me step out of my Shell (and into Powershell)

YOU brought me to a new place, a new time and a new Challenges

And I who would I be without friends?

Me, just a whole lot quieter and working at Burger King.  But This is a not the case.

For as I stated to my Dad “Someday I’ll be an Architect” at ‘Camp O States’ in Florida.

Now I am …. Sean P. Kearney, Solutions Architect, Cistel Technologies