Ok this is definitely not an official word in the dictionary or and copy of Websters but “Nerdvana” describes my feelings to a T.

Up at 4:00am without the need of an alarm clock or coffee, the Energized Tech burst out of bed, nearly sending our little dog “Sammy” scrambling for cover.

“…Microsoft Store…Microsoft Store…Microsoft Store…”

The words echoed off my lips like a drumbeat.  Yes I was excited.

Not only the first ever Microsoft Store in Canada but their first International foray as a store.

I had seen what the stores were like in Bellevue Washington and knew Canadians were in for a treat.  A place to get hands on with technology and experience everything Microsoft offers the community.
I stress community because that is what I saw outside of the store hours before the opening.  A massive community of people.
I also saw Microsoft giving back to the community, to a tune of One and a half million dollars in Software donations to various charities across Toronto including Boys and Girls Club and Junior Achievement.
This was a day people finally saw what I have seen from the people at Microsoft for years, a bunch of giving people willing to share every day.
….And now their flagship store was here.
It was a a true community experience with Microsoft staff, MVP’s and hundreds of people constantly packed in to get their hands on Microsoft Surface or numerous alternate multitouch offerings from Vendors such as Asus, Acer, Samsung, Sony and Dell.  The latest Windows Phone 8 was there and available with questions being answered directly from SMEs.
But the coolest part was seeing kids interacting with the new Windows 8, playing something on numerous Xbox360 consoles or even just jumping into a giant game of “Fruit Ninja” on a 110″ Television.
The realization is this is not just a store and is exactly what I experienced in Bellevue Washington.  It is a community gathering spot as well as a store.
It is a place for people to engage with technology on THEIR own terms.  It’s comfortable.
So today I look forward to engaging that comm6nity a bit more and enjoying a free concert of the music from the music group Train, sponsored by Microsoft.
The Microsoft Store, bringing Community together.  I love it 🙂