I just looked and realized it’s almost been an entire year as a Microsoft MVP in Windows Powershell.

Prior to that day I could not have imagined what busy (and cool!) year it would have been.  Some highlights

  • Became a Session Lead in Techdays 2010 presenting in both Toronto, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta
  • Went to TechEd North America in New Orleans, taking in some truly intensive sessions, meeting some of the most amazing people ever and even participating in a Podcast with Microsoft Canada’s Rick Claus.
  • Did a live Webcast about Powershell and was even on Technet Talk Radio
  • Visited Redmond, Washington.  The very home of Microsoft and saw some of the most creative people I call friends in action.
  • Met with many amazing Windows Powershell MVP’s and I think have established friendships I will never forget including
  • … Ed “Hey Scripting Guy” Wilson and Theresa “The Scripting Wife”…. people who I will also consider friends Smile
  • Jeffrey Snover, Bruce Payette, Mir Rosenberg and June Blender Rogers and the entire Windows Powershell team
  • Shook hands with MARK RUSSINOVICH and SCOTT HANSELMAN! (yes they appear to be really nice guys!)
  • Got to lead a cheer of “CA-NA-DA” with the Canadians at the MVP Summit including standing Proudly, wearing a RED Team Canada Jersey singing “Oh Canada”
  • Found myself crawling further and further out of my shell and best of all
  • I saw…*sniff*… STEVE BALLMER ON A STAGE!  I saw him on stage and he’s exactly the passionate person I thought he was

Wow.   There was so much more that went on but I had to stop for a moment and pause and realize for a moment.  

At one point, I was a guy flipping hamburgers in a Burger King.

So for the rest of you reading this that are thinking “I can’t do this,  it just seems so far out of reach” think again.

It’s all within you, you just don’t realize it yet.   Seek your dreams and try to make your own tomorrow a little bitter.   You might help others along the way.

…and you might begin to see your own dream come true.  Seize the day, it is yours to take Smile

”The Energized Tech”
Member of STEP