If you are dealing with Multiple Windows computers and need to deal with Activation easily?  Microsoft has a free utility called the “Volume Activation Management Tool”

It’s task is simply.  Gather workstations.  Show you the status of their activations, allow you to activate them, manage keys from ONE single spot on your network.

That’s right ONE!  No need to go about typing in keys and getting a headache.   The job of this tool is very simple. 

With your MAK or KMS keys in hand you can build a list of all your workstations (It will Query Active Directory if you have it), and you can just say “Activate” and choose a key from your list.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 or 5,000 the procedure is the same.   It CAN take some time but you can also select individual groups or computers to have activated. 

It’s also very nice as it displays the status and Operating system of every computer it sees!  It’s almost a very nice inexpensive inventory software!.

The only problem I had was it didn’t recognize Windows 7 with the version I downloaded.   But if you’re running Windows 7 or Server 2008R2 you might get a message like “Unknown Operating System” or “bad SKU”.  Generally a message saying “I see this, but what IS it?”

Which means you need the Newer VAMT which is installed as part of the Windows AIK for Windows 7.  The operation is exactly the same.  In fact, if you just needed to update the files on the original system with VAMT?  It’s just a matter of “copy” and “paste” over the old ones.  You’ll need to refresh your computer population in the software to have the Windows 7 / Server 2008R2 systems recognized but that’s it.

But I use this on a regular basis to activate workstations remotely.   You DO of course require Administrative credentials to do this but it all runs SO smoothly.

From what I’ve read online, one of the nice bonuses to getting into a Volume license setup in Office 2010 is to be able to use KMS for activation which makes life an even nicer deal.



The Energized Tech