You might stumble on this one.  I did. 

I just added Powershell V2 on my Server 2008 Test environment at home.  I should have EARLIER but again, I don’t typically need to run it on the server.

So I went to run the ENABLE-PSREMOTING command to trigger it off.

But it kept giving me an error, failing out every time.  I checked and found the WinRM IIS extension was not added in my features list.   So I added it in.  No reboot was prompted.

Yet still it persisted.   It seemed to have EVERYTHING set right (Firewall Exceptions, Services running)

So I tried the obvious.  Even though the server DID NOT prompt for a reboot, I rebooted.

Next reboot ran the ENABLE-PSREMOTING command within Powershell.

Worked the second time about.  I guess it DID need a reboot.  Just something in case you encounter this.  


The Energized Tech