Ok I FINALLY got a copy of this online.

If any of you don’t know, I was granted the opportunity to speak at Techdays in Calgary as well as in Toronto.   I’ve never been so floored.

While in Calgary I did a presentation on the Windows Recovery Environment as well Free tools for IT Professionals (co Presented with Rodney Buike of Microsoft Canada).  I worked with and met a lot of people for whom I not only looked up to as heroes but as role models.

And then the unexpected happened.   Not only did I get to see Adam Carter of “The Edge” but I was interviewed after doing the most tempting of all tasks.

I touched the Microphone from “The Edge”.  Wow!  That was cool. 


Only to have myself interviewed.

Here it is folks.    A former “Funny Guy” who’s passions went a little overboard.   Yes, I still talk fast 🙂

And just keep this in mind.   This can be YOU too.  Take that chance and try.

We all are imperfect.   But we can all share.  And look where it might take you.



And to Microsoft, all the MVP’s, the Community?  Thanks for a GREAT YEAR!

The Energized Tech