GERBIL POWER – the newest Green alternative

Why bother with old outdated methods of GREEN alternatives?





Gerbils are a constantly reproducing resource.   They run off peanuts.   They NEVER stop running.  (Ever see a sleeping Gerbil?)

Best of all, when they die; they bio-degrade!  In some cases they will even consume their own dead!  It’s fantastic. 

They Breed!  They eat!  They run!  And the process is so simple!

Simple obtain an inexpensive "Gerbil/Hamster" wheel.  Place a small generator on the side.   A pair of low voltage wires.   VOILA!

One economical "Battery".     Get enough linked together and you can probably start your car!  Stack ’em and run the fridge.

For smaller purposes a, simple "Spark/Methane" system can be used to drive flashlights.    Simple hook up the gerbil to the exterior "harness" and the natural methane produced can run most LED powered flashlights!

So JOIN the GERBIL REVOLUTION!  Be economical and environmentally friendly!  By GERBIL POWER!