Many pictures were posted about www.energizeit.ca.   The truth is they were all doctored!

Pictures have been found and published as to what was REALLY going on at EnergizeIT 2007 in Toronto.   These leaked photos reveal the actual conditions attendants were forced to endure!

 EnergizeIT Attendees clamour for freedom EnergizeIT Attendies trapped in their cages Even the Children were to made to live these deplorable conditions  


That’s right!  Take a look now!  Before communication is shut down!   Here’s the REAL story Microsoft doesn’t want you to know.   These are the REAL pictures of conditions at EnergizeIT 2007!   Take note of the attendees trapped in cages.   Unable to run for freedom!  See as they clamour the bars trying to get out!


An Energize IT Attendant tries to drink


Oh the humanity!   Forced to drink from Giant WATER BOTTLES!  LORD HELP US!


Forced to drive the Generators for MicrosoftGasping for life in the  keynote room

BullFrog.com was suppying the power?  I don’t think so!   Feast your eyes upon the REAL truth.   Attendees themselves forced to run inside wheels to power the great generators.

Won’t somebody help them?   Others taking what little rest they could before being forced to drive the treadmills!  GASP!   Nobody seems to care anymore!  *Sob!*

EnergizeIT 2007.  The truth is out there!   Hopefully I don’t get found …………………… ZBBZB …. KLIK

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